A Hard Day’s (Three) Night(s): A Love Letter to Rapid City

How pissed is Teddy Roosevelt that he has to stare at Lincoln's nose all damn day? #shafted

How pissed is Teddy Roosevelt that he has to stare at Lincoln’s nose all damn day? #shafted

Dear Rapid City,

Thank you so much for the hospitality you showed us while we were in your delightful little burg. We will spread tales of your lovely downtown, your flowing drinks, and your delightful womenfolk throughout the countryside.

Also, we will probably talk about the dude we kicked off the tourbus for various infractions, including Collar Popping and Faux-Hawk Wearing, both of which are high crimes and also too for serious WHO LET HIM ON THE BUS IN THE FIRST PLACE? I would like very much to blame Gordon Von.

I hope he has recovered from the size 12 boot he took to the chest.*

Also, Rapid City, thank you SO MUCH for getting our driver Bob hammered a couple of times. He’s the best, especially when he’s had too many whiskeys and is speaking in a language all his own. We’ll call it Bobbinese.



We also took a day and hit up Deadwood, SD, which was pretty rowdy. It totally had the best crap in the crap stores that we’d ever seen before in a crap store, so we bought some crap and wore it on stage because we love that crap. Also, wigs:


And our special little guy Caz got to be Sheriff for a day. And I think we’re all most thankful for that.


For these and other gifts, we thank you Rapid City. We look forward to not remembering our next trip to see you.


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*not intended to be a factual statement

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